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Students learn about the causes and effects of climate change, using the projected change to the our local coastline due to sea level rise as a stimulus for wider discussion and understanding,
Using our resources they will consider what they can do to reduce their own environmental footprints (mitigating against future damage) and how we can learn to adapt to a changing climate.
They also will learn how they are crucial in shaping the decisions of the future and tackling one of the biggest challenges future generations will face.

"Thank you for a great day! The children have learnt so much from a wide range of activities. They will lead an assembly back at school and send information/advice in an Eco newsletter to parents about what we can all do."
Mrs McIver - The Ursuline Primary, Crosby

"An excellent day linked to our Key Stage 3 curriculum, lots for the students to do. Clearly, enthusiastically and skilfully presented to engage students at all levels."
Mr Watkins - Bolingbroke Academy, Cheshire

"A lovely balance of interactive activities taking place in a safe, self-contained classroom and garden area. Both adults and children have learned a lot - thank you."
Mrs Whitelaw - Waterloo Primary, Crosby
Climate Change


Groups spend a morning at Formby on a stimulating guided walk to discover how and why our dynamic stretch of coastline is constantly changing. 

Students will learn how the area is responding to climate change, human influence and erosion, and the effects this has on the wildlife/habitats. 

Back at the Eco Centre the class will take part in activities to test their new knowledge.

IMPORTANT: If you wish to book for the full day we cannot deliver the topic in less that 4.5 hours due to travel time between sites. If you cannot commit to this, please only opt for the tour of the coastline only.

Please note: The National Trust host this walk and an access fee is applied to support the work they do there. Educational Group Members of the National Trust are exempt from this fee. To become a National Trust EGM click here. 

If you are looking for a 'beach play' day, this topic is proba
bly not for you. We can factor in some time for play on the beach, dependent on timings and arriving on time.

"I have been on this visit every year, for six years. It never disappoints. The children learn so much and talk about it for the rest of the year ."
Mrs Dower - Forefield Junior School, Crosby

"A fantastic day! The children thoroughly enjoyed every aspect and engaged wholeheartedly. Thank you Darren for the way you involved every child and sent them away wanting to know more."
Mrs Adamson - Kingsmead School, Wirral

"Julie was a brilliant teacher, interesting and patient, and her subject knowledge enhanced the learning and engagement of all children. Thank you so much!"
Ms Green - Barrowford Primary, Lancashire

"A wonderful day! Great presentation and leaves plenty of room for continued work in the classroom as well as opening up other learning opportunities."Mrs Dunn - All Saints Catholic Primary, Liverpool
Coasta Change


Students go back in time 14,000 years and travel through the three periods of the Stone Age to learn how hunter-gatherer communities used the natural environment in co-operative, ingenious ways. 

Using our bespoke resources, students will explore the different roles members of the community would have played to ensure their survival and learn more about the climate, landscape and biodiversity of the time. 

A wealth of archaeological evidence unearthed in the area gives the day inspiring local context.

"Very well organised and relevant - activities were organised for a range of learning styles and in a way to reinforce/ consolidate that learning in a fun way!"
Mrs Carman - Bleak Hill Primary, St. Helens

"We keep returning as it is a fantastic experience. Everything is so well organised and the activities are catered for different learning styles. It is brilliant!"
Mrs Wilcock - Wood Fold Primary, Wigan

"A wonderful trip, the best I have been on! The children and myself have learnt so much in a fun way which would have been very hard to do for such a complex topic. Very safe and relaxed environment with excellent teaching staff."
Mrs Court - Arnot St. Mary CE Primary, Liverpool


Your class will use our in-house designed resources to understand how and why natural disasters occur, where they most commonly happen and how they have an impact on people's lives.
Subjects of study include:
  • Volcanoes
  • Earthquakes
  • Flooding
  • Cyclone/Hurricanes
  • Drought
  • Forest fires
As climate change is likely to exacerbate many of these disasters in the future, we look at the environmental challenges our planet faces and what we can do adapt/mitigate.

"Very educational with great curriculum links. The excellent, encouraging manner of the teachers ensured full pupil engagement. Would definitely recommend."
Mr O'Brien - Thatto Heath Primary, St. Helens

"It was a fantastic day, really interactive and relevant learning. The activities were ideal for assessment of this topic, the children enjoyed all of it. Great!"
Miss Adkins - Kings Meadow Primary, Southport

"We had an excellent time today, the course was delivered enthusiastically and Darren had a lovely manner with the children. We will definitely be back again!"
Mr Scholz - Kirkland and Catterall Primary, Preston

"A great start to our 'Extreme Earth' topic. All the children have learnt lots of fascinating facts."
Mrs Limerick - St. Nicholas CE Primary, Crosby
Natural Disasters


Students learn how the water cycle works and are shown how wasteful we can be with such a precious resource.
Learning strategies for water conservation, students are encouraged to spread the message about how to be more water wise. 
Students will also have the opportunity to look at the problems some communities face as a result of too much or too little water.

This topic complements some of our other visits such as Natural Disasters and Climate Change.

"Thank you so much for a great day! This visit consolidated prior learning and gave the children a hands-on experience to make this relevant to them."
Miss Hopkinson - Hindley Junior & Infant School, Wigan

"An enjoyable, informative and well planned day. Darren was very efficient in delivery of teaching, fully engaged children and prepared to share resources and continues links with school. Would definitely recommend to other schools."
Mrs Rowlands - St. John's Catholic Junior School, Wirral

"Julie was great with the children, very enthusiastic and clear about the activities and the information. Easy to contact and arrange the visit too!"
Mrs Binns - St. Jerome's Catholic Primary School, Formby


Water Cycle


As a consequence of both development and ignorance, human impact on the rainforests of the world has been devastating.​

Bringing the global dimension into the curriculum, students will learn how important rainforests are to the world's climate and the preservation of endangered species. Your class will discover why they need to be protected through a range of hands-on activities. 

They will also learn about the features of a variety of rainforests around the world, supporting learning opportunities within the geography curriculum.

"Supported our curriculum very well. It has been brilliant, girls very engaged. Well organised day, children and staff have learnt a lot. We've loved it, thank you!"
Mrs Nagy - Merchant Taylors Girls' School, Crosby

"Excellent resources kept pupils extremely engaged. They learnt so much in a lovely, safe environment."
Miss Monaghan - Ormskirk Primary, Lancashire

"Teachers very friendly and made the whole visit very enjoyable. The children learnt lots of new facts. The quiz at the end was very interactive and a great way to assess the days learning."
Miss Collins - Milton St. John's Primary, Tameside


The day begins with an informative walk through the range of habitats at a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) in Formby, with special attention given to local endangered and protected species found in this biodiverse area.​

Your class will find out about the threats Formby faces and what we can all do to understand and try to preserve the key habitat areas visited.

Back at the Eco Centre the class will take part in activities to test their new knowledge.

MPORTANT: If you wish to book for the full day we cannot deliver the topic in less that 4.5 hours due to travel time between sites. If you cannot commit to this, please only opt for the guided tour only.

Please note: The National Trust Formby host this walk and an access fee is applied to support the work they do there. Educational Group Members of the National Trust are exempt from this fee. To become a National Trust EGM click here. 

"Excellent facilities, the teacher Darren was both very enthusiastic and knowledgeable, constantly adapting his delivery for our children's needs."
Miss Davies - Elm Tree Primary, Skelmersdale

"The trip was fantastic. Well  organised and the children were fully engaged. Darren was wonderful with the children and really fed their interest. Thank you!"
Mrs Taylor - Lunt's Heath Primary, Widnes"

We have had a wonderful day; action packed, fun and educational. Julie was fantastic with the children and made su
re all children learned regardless of their ability."Mrs Baldry - Beech Hill Primary, Wigan


It's fantastic that we are all recycling so much and our efforts are having a positive impact on the environment. However, is there even more we can do to reduce our waste?​

Through interactive, hands-on activities, including in-house digital games, your students will discover how big our waste footprint can be in the 21st century.

The day will challenge their view about the rubbish they generate and explore new technologies that enable better, innovative waste management.

Note: If you are a school based in Merseyside,  this topic can be supported with a visit to the Gillmoss Recycling Discovery Centre. Please contact us for details.

"Our whole school have loved coming over the last few weeks and the children have learned lots in a fun and engaging way. Lots of eco chatter back at school and really clear messages for them to take home to their families. Thank you for all your hard work!"
Mr Delaney - Christ the King Catholic Primary, Liverpool

"We have had a really enjoyable experience. It has been very well organised,  meeting my class' learning needs wonderfully and the staff are very helpful. I would definitely bring classes again in the future."
Mrs Cheetham - St. Stephen's CE Primary, Preston

"Pupils loved the quiz and the games. Report making was an excellent activity to show what the pupils had learned. I asked them what they thought of the day, they said there was nothing they would change - full marks!"
Miss Cornell - St. Pius X Preparatory, Preston


We are currently working behing the scenes putting together the resources for this topic.

Estimated availability in May 2024. Please contact us for further details
Weather Systems


Standard class size (maximum 32)
£60 per hour / Charged in half hour increments.

Delivery to larger groups
Additional numbers charged @ £1 per pupil per hour.

Please note: Restrictions on pupil numbers for this rate dependent on topic.

Dependent on topic, in order to facilitate large group bookings it may be necessary for two teachers to lead the day @ £120 per hour (cost based on maximum of 64 pupils). This will be discussed with you if necessary during the enquiry stage.

Visits including site work

Some topics including a site visit incur additional costs to cover staff time/travel expenses - £30 for full day booking, £60 for visit finishing on site. Some topics may incur additional charges dependent on site location subject to licencing agreements/insurance.

Our Coastal Change and Habitats topics are subject to parking charges as they take place on land managed by the National Trust. This helps support the work they do there. Educational Group Members (EGM) of the National Trust can park for free. To become a National Trust EGM click here.

Bespoke packages

We offer the opportunity to put together a day not already covered in our core key topic delivery, including a mix of existing topic resources into a co-ordinated visit plan, if given plenty of advance notice and we have availability to develop it. Charges for this are dependent on time/design to produce/adapt any specific resources and will be costed within the quoted price for your visit. Please contact us for more details.

Minimum/cancellation charge

Minimum charge in place of £210 for most topics, £240 minimum charge for Prehistory/Stone Age.

Upon receipt of a completed booking form cancellation charges do apply to protect our service's revenue stream so please make sure you understand our terms and conditions fully prior to booking.


Are your topics curriculum linked?

Yes, all of our topics are linked to the current national curriculum and most are adaptable across all age ranges and abilities. We pride ourselves on offering a personalised service and are more than happy to discuss your visit in detail with you to ensure we support your key learning objectives. We find the better communication our teaching staff have with you prior to your visit, the better your overall experience will be!

Who will be delivering the topic?

Our qualified teaching staff will facilitate your visit, all of whom hold current enhanced DBS clearance with 20+ years experience delivering environmental education.

Are your visits risk assessed?

Yes, upon booking with us you will receive comprehensive guidance notes, including risk assessment information to help your submit you own internal assessment. Please note, these are only supplementary to your own internal procedures and pre-visits are welcomed.

How long does a visit last?

We recommend timings of 4.0-4.5 hours to deliver most topics. Full day coastal change/habitats topics require 4.5 hours minimum, if this cannot be done your end we cannot accept the booking.

Do you offer a bespoke service?

Yes, we are happy to take elements from different topics and/or design bespoke days when contacted well in advance of your visit and if we have capacity.

Can my school visit the centre without being booked in?

Sorry, no. There are no coach/minibus drop off areas nor any facilities for non-booked schools. Schools turning up not booked in with the education service are in breach of the control measures we have set out in our risk assessment guidance and your school's own safeguarding procedures, representing a health and safety issue on both counts.


In the past coach drivers have sometimes insisted to schools visiting Southport that our building is a drop off point and the facilities can be used, this is incorrect and there are no additional, safe drop off points for coach parties on our site. If you need to know where you can drop off and access toileting facilities please contact Visit Southport.

How long can you hold a provisional date?

Due to the popularity of the education programme and as we are a self sustained service, we can only hold a provisional booking in our calendar for three working days without a completed booking form on file. Due to often being at capacity with teaching and planning for upcoming visits we do not have have time to chase up bookings, so please be aware of this once we confirm availability of a date with you and the booking form is sent.


Can you provide testimonials?

Yes, we are happy to! Word of mouth has been one of the best promotional tools for our service so we are more than happy to provide comments from previous visiting schools. We have also included recent testimonials in all of our topic information on this site.

Do you provide parking for coaches/minibuses?

Coaches/minibuses can park for free outside the centre at the designated school entrance gate.

Please note: The drop-off point is only for pre-booked school groups.

​The site work elements of our Coastal Change and Habitats topic take place on land managed by the National Trust land and are subject to parking charges. If your school holds a current National Trust Education Group Membership (EGM) then parking is free. Topics involving most site visits require groups to have their own transport with them for the day.

booking enquiry


Does your school hold a current National Trust Membership?

Thank you for your enquiry.

We will be in touch soon!

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