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Eco Champion Award
Primary - George Bulmer, Kew Woods Primary
Secondary - Thomas Hawksey, Birkdale High


People’s Ambassador Award                        


Lily McFadden, The Ursuline Primary


Eco Team Award


St. Michael’s High Eco Alliance


Most Inspirational Class Award


Mrs Monahan’s Year 5 class, Shoreside Primary


Green League Award                                          


Primary – Marshside Primary

Secondary – Merefield School


Most Improved:


Farnborough Road Juniors

St. Gregory’s Primary



Finalists (Individual):


Sophie Carradice, Marshside Primary

Beth Fenny, Churchtown Primary

Kian Halliwell, St. Michael’s High

Jordan Hau, Litherland High

Amelia Hunt, Marshside Primary

Caitlin Mills-Ingram, Bishop David Sheppard Primary

John Muirehead, Crosby High

Abbie Seddon-Meek, St. Michael’s High

Maisie Ward, Bishop David Sheppard Primary


Finalists (Eco Team):


Bishop David Sheppard School Eco Council

Oakfield Eco Gardens Project Team

The Ursuline Catholic Primary Eco Club

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