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The Green Star league competition recognises Sefton schools' work on a variety of environmental issues, looking at the school’s Carbon emissions and the energy rating of the school buildings.

Each school, upon registration, is allocated a baseline number of Green Stars with bonus stars being awarded during the year for any additional outstanding work carried out that schools tell us about. There are two leagues, a primary and a secondary category. Each year the league winners and the most improved schools are invited to the Eco-Champions award ceremony to receive their trophies and certificates.

To join the league please complete the online Green Star League Questionnaire.

If your school is already signed up, you can update us with any changes here.

We welcome requests from non-Sefton schools to use the resources produced to support the programme. Please submit your details below and you will be sent a unique password. This is to help us manage the effectiveness of the campaign.

Disclaimer: These posters have been produced under fair use for non-profit educational purposes to actively enagage young people in energy efficiency. No ownership claim is made on copyrighted material.

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Thank you for your interest in our Eco Savers resources. We will be in touch with your log-in details shortly.

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