Large animals liked to graze close to the tree line as they could quickly

run into the woods if in danger.


Some of them (like wild boar and deer) could be dangerous to the Stone Age hunters. If they made mistakes while hunting them they could suffer injuries or even be killed.


Stone Age hunters needed to learn many skills, including how to:


-  stalk and get close to their prey,

-  ‘read’ the habitat (through the seasons),

-  understand animal behaviour and

-  use their weapons in the best way possible.


When hunters made a successful kill there would have been

meat to eat but also the materials (skins/furs, bones, tusks, antlers) to make other important resources for survival,including:


-  clothing/footwear,

-  tools and

-  weapons.

Hunters -
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Wild Boar

Wild Boar

Red Deer

Red Deer