Working with the Regional Flooding and Coastal Committee and the Environment Agency we developed, an online resource designed to raise awareness of flooding within our communities across the North West of England.


The online resource features interactive animations, case studies from all over the North West Region and a wealth of supporting activities and resources that will enable everyone in our community to “Be Flood Ready” and become more resilient to future flooding events. The case studies not only feature flooding events, but highlight good examples of community engagement and flood risk management schemes.


Recent events show our climate is changing and the North West is likely to get wetter over the next few decades. It is important that we not only invest in managing future flood risk, but also make sure that communities and future generations have the knowledge and understanding to tackle the more severe threats of the future.


This online tool means that everyone has at their fingertips a resource to develop a good understanding of how floods happen and how we can all protect ourselves from future flooding through insightful and engaging activities.