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Schools have an incredibly important role to play in our move towards a low carbon future. In addition to the potential for resource saving, schools are the place where the next generation learns about priorities for the future.
The Eco Savers League competition recognises Sefton schools' work on a variety of environmental issues. Each school, upon registration detailing their current involvement in environmental action, is allocated a baseline number of Green Stars with bonus stars being awarded during the year for any additional outstanding work carried out that schools tell us about. There are two leagues, a primary and a secondary category.

You can register your school to receive free support from our environmental team, update your latest actions or find out your school's position in the league by using the links below. You can also download resources to support your work across the wider school community or contact us for futher information.

The league table will reward various aspects of environmental work. You can find out more about the various categories and initiatives/actions you may want to adopt to support them by clicking on the icons to the right.

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